George Sheweiry Snr

Date of Birth
Not yesterday
PMC Member to beat
No one in particular, just keen to get out on the track and have some fun.
Scariest motorsport moment

Several years ago racing at the now sadly defunct Bay Park Raceway in my pre 65 Mustang. Really in the race and going real hard out, went roaring down pit straight, braked for the super fast left-hander after the start finish line and the car suffered brake failure, car turned sharp left and hit the huge tractor tyres that marked the inside of the corner!
Wrecked the mustang and momentairly knocked myself out. 

Para Gliding
Favourite Food / Drink
A good steak and a rum and coke.
Started racing
Favourite circuit
Bay Park, closely followed by Teretonga.
Racing highlights

Successfully started up the Production Muscle Car Club and it's race series, been running for approx 13years now.
Winning back to back Pre 65 series championship; 1994/95 season and 1995/96 season. Buying and racing 2000 model
Trans Am Mustang, ex Grant Sylvester. 

Race car
1977 XC Ford Falcon Cobra, the race car I use predominately. #20
Cleveland 376 ci
Wheel size
Front 17 x 11, Rears 17 x 13
Kumho Ecsta XS
Standard with performance pads & aftermarket performance brake rotors.
Fitted with 1750lb front springs, modified and lowered rear springs.

Amber Electrical

Thanks to

Dave Clark, Roseanne.