About PMC

The cars who make up PMC....

To keep the wheels turning and the grid looking good, PMC has developed classes within our main class.

We had a number of our race cars that were road legal and are driven to the track. This is something that needed to be recognised as it's a great balance to achieve race and road!
Performance Road Muscle (PRM) was developed:
These are pre 1985 saloon cars that hold a current (no rego hold) registration and warrant and must be driven to the track and not trailered.

6-Cylinder Class:
These cars run hard against the V8's and we hold a trophey for our 6-Cylinder cars.

Ladies Class:
This is to entice our Lady Drivers out there to come racing. You run with the boys but you get to have your own bit of bling at the end of the season.

Invitation Class:
This was developed to bring some more rubber to the grid. These cars run under a personal PMC invite and although do not fit with our PMC rules they fall within our Invitaion Class rules. The Invitation Class compete for their own trophy and are not eligible to run for the over all PMC Championship.